Our team

  • Artyom Shraibman

    Founder and political analyst

    Artyom holds LLb in International Law (Belarusian State University) and MSc in Politics and Communications (London School of Economics). Artyom’s research...

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  • Dr. Katerina Bornukova

    Economic analyst

    Kateryna holds an MA in Economics from Kyiv School of Economics and a PhD in Economics from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Dr. Bornukova’s research interests...

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  • Maxim Stsefanovich

    Political and media analyst

    Maxim holds MSc in Political Science and pursues PhD in Political Theory (Belarusian State University).

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  • Hanna Hubarava


    Hanna holds a BA in Political Communication from Minsk State Linguistic University and an MA degree in Translation from the School of Applied Linguistics at...

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  • Dr. Paul Hansbury

    Content editor

    Paul is an editor, tutor and researcher. Among other roles, he is an associate fellow with the Minsk Dialogue Council on International Relations and an associate...

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